General Commands

Other Commands:

Getting Around


If ran by itself, displays a list of basic server warps.

/warp <warpName>

Warp directly to a location. You can tab-complete the name.


Displays a list of all warp categories. Click in chat to view the lists.

/warps <category>

Directly view a warp category. You can tab-complete the list name.

/sethome <homeName>  |  /removehome <homeName>

Set a home at your current location, or delete an existing home. 

Players get 6 homes by default.

You can purchase more homes with Relic Coins and on the donation store.


View your list of homes.

/home <homeName>

Warp directly to your home. You can tab-complete the name.


Sit down on the ground.


/tpa <player>

Ask to teleport to a player.

/tpahere <player>

Ask a player to teleport to your location.


Accept a TPA request.


Opens the Rotomphone Worlds menu, which will warp you to a random location in that world.

Random location only happens in the following worlds: Survival, Resource, Patreon Resource, Nether, The End, Ultra Space, Drowned



List your currencies and their amounts.

/pay <player> PokeDollars <amount>

Give currency to a player. 


/ivs <slot#>

Check the IVs of your party Pokemon.

/evs <slot#>

Check the EVs of your party Pokemon.

/hiddenpower <slot#>

Check the Hidden Power type of your party Pokemon.

/tms <pokemon>

View a list of all TMs a Pokemon can learn.

/wiki <slot#>

Open information about your party Pokemon. Click in chat for more detailed info.


Check total progress on your Pokedex completion.

/checkspawns [category]

Check what Pokemon are capable of spawning given the current world conditions. Category is optional.

Categories: caverock, fishing, grass, headbutt, megaboss, rocksmash, sweetscent

You can purchase this command with Relic Coins.

/eggsteps <slot#>

Check how many steps are left to hatch your egg.

You can purchase this command with Relic Coins.

/neuter <slot#>

Make your Pokemon unbreedable. This cannot be undone.

This is unlocked at Level 15 in the Breeding skill.

/pokecolor <slot#> <nickname>

Color your Pokemon's nickname with Minecraft color formatting codes.

You can purchase this command with Relic Coins.

Trading Pokemon

/pokesell <player> <slot#>

Give one of your party Pokemon to a player for free.

Note: You must spell the name correctly (case sensitive) or the Pokemon may go to a non-existent player file.


Sell Pokemon to the server for Pokedollars. Get bonuses based on the stats of the Pokemon.



Open the Global Trade System to buy & sell Pokemon and items.

Also open the Sell to Server (STS) menu where you can sell extra Pokemon directly for Pokedollars. 

/gts bank

Collect your purchases from the GTS here. Your unsold listings will go here when their timers expire.


Trade your Pokemon for a random Pokemon from the pool.

/tradesim <slot#>

Simulate a trade to evolve Pokemon that evolve by trading. 

/pokemonitem <slot#>

Turn your Pokemon into an item you can store in a container.

Hold and right-click to turn back into a normal Pokemon.

Pixelmon Addons


Use this when you have met the condition to receive the Oval Charm and it will be given to you. Fails if you have not met the condition.

/pokedisguise <yourName> <Pokemon> [specs]

Disguise yourself as a Pokemon. 

You can unlock the ability to do this through the Season Journey.

When you get permission to disguise as a Pokemon, you can add any kind of spec to it such as shiny or palette:nuclear for example.

Example: /pokedisguise Fogno Luxray palette:pmcstaff

Server Content


Directly access Rotomphone

You can also use the Rotomphone item to access its menu.

/kit [kitName]

Claim a kit. Run without specifying a kit to see the list of available kits.

Warning: If your inventory is too full to receive all of the items, the remainder will be droppped on the ground.


Open the Hunts game. Complete the monthly Capture Contest and take bounties for regular hunts.


Open your daily quests and rewards.



Open your Questbook.


Claim rewards for completing your Pokedex.


Check your skills and manage skill abilites.

/seasonJourney | /sj

Access the Season Journey reward track to view and claim rewards.



See a list of all information screens. Click in chat to view them.


Open a list of useful links that are clickable in chat.


View a list of tips about how to earn Pokedollars on the server.


View a list of tips about how to earn Relic Coins on the server.


View info about our breeding mechanics.


View info about our changes to Legendary spawning.



Get links to all of the vote sites.

/resourcePack | /texturePack

Get a link to our Resource Pack download.


Get a link to our Custom Texture Wiki.


Get a link to our Discord server.


Display all Minecraft color formatting codes.


/ticket create <Question/Issue>

Creates a Support Ticket where a Staff member will be able to handle as soon as they can.