Vaults are an extended storage system that do not require physical chests and can be accessed from anywhere.


View all of your vaults and vault settings.


Quick access to your preferred vault. You must select your preferred vault first in your vault settings.

Vault Bag 

An item that opens your preferred vault. Claim using /kit for 5000 Pokedollars.

Vault Sizes

3 Row

75 Relic Coins

6 Row

125 Relic Coins

Getting More Vaults

Purchase more on the Webstore or with Relic Coins

You can spend Relic Coins in either the vault menu itself, or the Relic Coin /shop menu.

You can upgrade a 3 row vault to 6 rows for 50 Relic Coins within the Vaults menu!

Vault Types

Own Vaults 

Vaults which you have purchased.

Preferred Vault 

Set up one of your vaults to be accessed with the quick command /pv without navigating the rest of the menu.

You can also buy a Vault Bag item in /kit that opens your preferred vault.

Shared Vaults 

Vaults to which you have been granted access by another player.

Community Vaults 

A vault managed by the server. All players can deposit, but only new players can withdraw.

Managing Your Vaults


Change Vault Icon to any vanilla Minecraft item 

Vault Type 

Upgrade a 3 row vault to 6 rows for 50 Relic Coins

Shared Accesses 

Grant another user access to the current vault

Vault Name 

Change a vault's display name

Preferred Vault 

Sets the current vault to be the preferred vault

Interaction Log 

Shows the history of items deposited and withdrawn from the vault

Transfer Ownership 

Transfers the ownership of the current vault to another player