The Mall

Vote Arcade

Spend your vote tickets on HOT AWESOME prizes.

use /vote to see the vote websites and get up to 5 tickets EVERY day.

Lords Lab

Modify your pokemon

Spend relic coins to pick a different pokeball for the first pokemon in your party

Spend relic coins to give your pokemon its hidden ability (also neuters it)

Clean the rusty bottlecaps you get from fishing

Spend pokedollars to randomly reroll your pokemon size or pokeball. Just left click which party slot and which thing you want to reroll.

Crate, uhh, painting warps

Walk into the fake passage things to be warped into the areas that contain the crates the signs say are in there

Smite a Staff

Right click on the a sign to pay 10,000 pokebucks

Lightning will strike that staff member and everyone on the server will be notified

The zapper will cause lightning to zap a pokemon you throw into it, try magikarp!


TMs and TRs for pokedollars

Move Tutors and Transfer tutors for diamonds

Partner Pikachu and Eevee tutor for armorite ore

ShadowGX tutor for nether stars

Relic Coin Shop

Spend Relic Coins on cool stuff

also accessible via /shop

Toy Store

Home of a few different crates

Primarily the Candy crate and the plushie crate.

a few other meme crates like the bunny and duck crate are here too.

Maybe check the backside of the top of the candy machine too.

Pokedollar Shop

Regular pokmart items, training items, evolution items, held items, EV items, and curry ingredients.

Also saplings and a few different decoration blocks can be purchased hereĀ 

Some of these shopkeepers are also accessible via /shop

Safari Zone

Entrance is outside the mall under the big Arcanine.

Talk to the NPC to pay to enter the zone

Starter Garden

Right outside the mall.

All the starters, including our extended chosen starters all spawn here.

Monthly Texture

Buy the limited time monhtly texture

New one each month!

In plushie or pokemon form!

Capture Contest

Each month you can win a perfect textured or shiny pokemon, but you only get to pick one!

Talk to the NPC and you will get a quest scroll telling you what pokemon to catch to win the prize.