Player Towns

Mayor Role

You can apply for the Mayor Role to get special perks for your town!

As a new Mayor, you get the following benefits:

Town Requirements:

Towns must be claimed using at least one town-type claim to be accepted. See below for more information.

Town Upkeep

Mayors who have not logged in for more than 30 days at the time of a town audit will have their role and public warp removed. They must re-apply to receive the role again.

Any town rank perks will still remain in the town.

Town Specialization

Unlock permanent benefits for your town by achieving milestones.

Apply for a Town Upgrade

Mayors may optionally submit a Ticket to register their town for a specialization.

Staff will contact you to audit your town and apply the upgrades if you meet all of the required milestones.

You may only have one specialization at a time, and can apply to change your specialization.

All requirements for a basic town must still be met!

Example Ticket

/ticket create <message>

Use the Ticket system to apply for a specialty. State which upgrade you want and what milestones you have reached.


/ticket create FogTown would like to upgrade to a Village. We have 5 residents and one player gym owned by silverarow180.

Player Team Village

Register your town as the official residence for your player team!

New Benefits:

Required Milestones:

Market District

For Mayors who want to experience the joys of capitalism, you can drive traffic to your town by partnering with server merchants!

New Benefits:

Required Milestones:

Note: Shops do not have to be owned by the Mayor or their residents. They can be owned and operated by anyone, but the storefront must exist in the town.


For a town filled with PokeManiacs!

New Benefits:

(no 6-Blissey or 6-Chansey teams)

Required Milestones:

Note: The Gym does not have to be owned by the Mayor or their residents. 


For Mayors that just want to build and maintain a huge population!

New Benefits:

Required Milestones:


For the largest and most bustling player towns, they get the esteemed mark of being a Metropolis!

New Benefits:

Required Milestones:

Town perks are permanent

All physical perks gained from a specialization (Pokestop, raid den, etc.) are permanently left in the town and will not be removed even if the mayor loses their role. Only the warp will be lost.

Town Rules

Mayor Rules & Rights

Items and structures in claims owned by the mayor, but in a place considered a player's residence, are considered property of that player. Logs can be checked to verify ownership.

Resident Rules & Rights

Houses originally built by the mayor for players to live in are still considered property of the mayor.

Adopt an Abandoned Town

Has your Mayor disappeared?

There are 2 scenarios in which an abandoned town may be adopted.

1) Mayor's stated inheritance

A Mayor may create a written book, signed by the Mayor describing which player they wish to inherit the town in the event of their disappearance. Staff will archive this book for future reference.

Staff will respect the wishes of the book before allowing any residents to adopt the town.

2) A resident may apply to adopt the town


A player can apply to adopt an abandoned town if all of the following qualifications are met:

In the event that no players are eligible to adopt a town, no transfers will occur and the town will remain as-is.

Staff will transfer the following claims to the inheriting Mayor:

Staff will NOT transfer these claims to the inheriting Mayor:

Town Claims

Town claims are a unique claim type that gives you additional trust flexibility.

Make a Town Claim

/modeTown OR /townClaims

See Land Claim for a full guide on claim management.

Resident Trust

Resident trust is an optional type of trust, allowing residents to create basic claims that belong to them inside your town claim area and grants full build access to the town claim. Residents have full control over their basic claim, including resizing and granting trust. 

Town owners cannot delete, resize, or edit a resident's basic claim.

/trust <player> resident

Use this command while standing in the town claim, and not inside any basic claims.


Tip: You can remove resident trust after players have made a basic claim to prevent them from making more, and grant them a different type of trust instead. 

(Example: Grant builder trust if you want them to build in the town claim but not make more basic claims.)

Claims created by residents do not deduct from the resident's available claim blocks.

Example Town 

The green box is the town claim. All players who live here have builder trust.

The blue box is a basic claim owned by the mayor, filled with community buildings.

The yellow boxes are basic claims created by players with resident trust. 


Q: Do I have to use Resident trust?

A: Nope! This is entirely optional. 

If you want full control over access to the town, you can make your own basic claims inside the town claim, and distribute normal trust permissions in those areas.

Q: Why would I want to use resident trust?

A: Players may find it reassuring to know they actually own their claim, so the mayor can't steal from them or untrust them to take their stuff.

This also gives players more agency. If the mayor goes inactive, a resident can still manage trust in their small area.

Q: How do I evict a player that owns a resident claim?

A: Contact staff to mediate resident disputes if you cannot resolve them yourself.

The rules of your town will not be enforced by staff, but staff can delete a claim after moving a resident out of the town in the event of a dispute. You will be encouraged to work it out yourself first.

Q: A player in my town has been gone for months. Can I delete their resident claim?

A: If a player has been inactive for 90 consecutive days, contact staff to have their claim removed. You will not inherit any of the contents of the claim, unless it belonged to you first.

e.g. If you built a house for them to live in, that will remain. Items in containers that belonged to the player will be deleted.

Q: What happens if I untrust a resident in my town claim?

A: Their claim remains in your town and still belongs to them. If you are trying to evict a player from your town, and they refuse, contact staff to mediate the situation.

Warning: Untrusted residents can still resize their claim. Create basic claims bordering their claim to prevent this, as they cannot overlap.

Q: What happens if I abandon the town claim?

A: You cannot abandon a town claim if it contains basic claims owned by other players.

If you are trying to evict player, contact staff to mediate resident disputes if you cannot resolve them yourself.

Q: Help! A resident claimed a part of my town they weren't supposed to.

A: Contact staff to mediate resident disputes if you cannot resolve them yourself.

Preventative measures you can take are:

Q: A resident is refusing to trust me in their claim.

A: The rules of your town will not be enforced by staff. If you want to ensure you have trust in all areas of your town, you may not want to use resident trust. Instead, make your own basic claims and trust players individually in those areas.

For cases of eviction and theft, staff will consider everything inside a resident-owned claim (that was created in good faith) as property of that resident.