EV Training

What is EV Training


Simplified: If you're pokemon defeats a fast pokemon, your pokemon becomes faster. same goes with every other stat.

EV Juices


If you set up a berry farm and make an infuser, you can quickly make items that will give 32 to a given EV.

Where to EV train on PokeMC

PokeMC does not have a dedicated location for EV training

Below are some suggestions


-Caterpie - Kanto Viridian Forest (1 HP EV)

-NidoranF and Jigglypuff - Kanto Route 3 (1 or 2 HP EV)

-Slowpoke - Kanto Fuchsia City, Viridian City, Routes 6, 22, 23, and 25 (1 HP EV)

-The Chansey trainers in astrellus (2 HP EVs per chansey)


-Paldean Tauros - the spawner at "/warp farm" (2 atk EVs) (don't kill the regular tauros, they give 1 atk and 1 spe)

-Mankey - Kanto Route 22 


-Tangela - Kanto Route 21 south of pallet town (1 def EV)

-Koffing & Weezing - Kanto Pokemon Mansion (1 or 2 def EVs)

Special Attack

-Gastly & Haunter - Kanto Lavendar Tower (1 or 2 spa EVs)

Special Defense

-Tentacool & Tentacruel - Kanto Route 21 south of pallet town (1 or 2 spd EVs)


-Pidgey and Rattata - Kanto route 1 (1 Spe EV)

-Weedle - The mall spawner (1 Spe EV)