What is BlepFishing

Minecraft fishing overhaul.

New fish that sell for pokedollars

Different fish in each biome

Fish up new treasure

Fishing bag - no inventory clutter

Gotta fish em all!

Disclaimer - only works with minecraft fishing rods, not pixelmon rods.

BlepFishing wiki for commands:


/bf  - access the Blep Panel

/bf sell - Sells the one fish you are currently holing

/bf sellall - Sell all the fish in your inventory (does not sell directly out of fishing bag)

/bf claim - claims any tournament rewards you have acquired


Fishing Bag

The fish bag is a handy way for players to store their catches and even supports things like auto-pickup and selling directly from the bag! 

Initially it will only hold 256 fish, but once it's filled up you'll be able to upgrade it even further! 


3% chance when fishing to loot up some treasure.

Rarities weights:
Legendary - 3 (1.55%)
Epic - 30 (15.5%)
Rare - 60 (31.1%)
Common - 100 (51.8%)

Fish from a boat!

Fishing from a boat increases your chance of treasure by +1% flat to a total of 4%.

Fish and Biome Category

Public Blep Fishing Fish wiki


Applicable Biomes


Applicable Biomes


Applicable Biomes


Applicable Biomes


Applicable Biomes