Season Journey

The Season Journey is a rotating reward system tied to levelling Skills on the server!


Seasons are 3 months long:

The rotation will occur on the first weekend of the next season.

/seasonJourney | /sj

Access the Season Journey reward track to view and claim rewards.

Also available in Rotomphone.

Season Journey Levels


For an explanation of skills, see the Skills page

Experience Gain

Any amount of experience you gain for a skill will also apply to the Season Journey. 

Experience gained is not detracted from the skill. 

It is applied simultaneously to the Season Journey

There is no downside to having high level skills! 

The Season Journey has its own level caps, separate from the skills. 

At the end of a Season, experience will be reset to 0

This will not reset levels for skills. 

Exclusive Textures

Each Season offers exclusive textures at various levels!

These are given as fully trained competitive sets. They come with a unique mark if you obtain them through the Season Journey. 

Every season will feature 1 legendary and 5 normal Pokemon.

Past Season textures will  be available to purchase from the Relic Coin shop as paintbrushes after their current season ends.


Pokemon Disguises are unique to the Season Journey!

Each Season will give you 5 new Pokemon disguises to unlock. This lets you disguise yourself as a Pokemon! 

You will still be able to see yourself, but other players see you only as a Pokemon.

/pokedisguise <yourName> <Pokemon> [specs]

Disguise yourself as a Pokemon. Specs are optional.

You can add any kind of spec to it such as shiny or palette:nuclear for example.

Example: /pokedisguise Fogno Luxray palette:pmcstaff

Season Two Rewards

Toys n' Games Theme

Level 01: (1) PC

Level 02: (1) Healer

Level 03: Item Crate Key

Level 04: (32) Pokeballs

Level 05: Candy Crate Key

Level 06: Skill Booster

Level 07: Random TM

Level 08: Avalugg Disguise

Level 09: (32) Great Balls

Level 10: Skellington Gengar Plushie 

Level 11: (10) Copper Hourglasses

Level 12: Item Crate Key

Level 13: (5) Silver Hourglasses

Level 14: Candy Crate Key

Level 15: Plague Dr Honchkrow 

Level 16: (1) XL EXP Candy

Level 17: Skill Booster

Level 18: Shiny Booster

Level 19: Random TM

Level 20: Furby Wigglytuff Plushie

Level 21: Snom Disguise

Level 22: Item Crate Key

Level 23: Christmas Tree Abomasnow Plushie

Level 24: (15) Copper Hourglasses

Level 25: Efficiency 4 Book & (25) Relic Coins

Level 26: (1) Ability Capsule

Level 27: (10) Silver Hourglasses

Level 28: (10) Bottle O' Enchanting

Level 29: Random Pokeballs

Level 30: Knight Aggron

Level 31: Candy Crate Key

Level 32: Item Crate Key

Level 33: (2) XL EXP Candies

Level 34: Chinese Zodiac Boltund

Level 35: (1) Master Ball

Level 36: Skill Booster

Level 37: Shulker of Biome Themed Items

Level 38: (1) Silver Bottlecap

Level 39: (1) Shiny Booster

Level 40: Mr. Potato Head Probopass Plushie

Level 41: Random TM

Level 42: Item Crate Key

Level 43: Stantler Disguise

Level 44: (20) Copper Hourglasses

Level 45: Coat of Arms Aegislash

Level 46: (15) Silver Hourglasses

Level 47: Chinese Zodiac Raticate Plushie

Level 48: (10) Bottle O' Enchanting

Level 49: Unbreaking 3 Book

Level 50: Light MX Key & (25) Relic Coins

Level 51: Sock Monkey Rillaboom Plushie

Level 52: Item Crate Key

Level 53: (1) Ability Patch

Level 54: Random Pokeballs

Level 55: Candy Crate Key

Level 56: (5) Bottle O' Enchanting

Level 57: (3) XL EXP Candies

Level 58: Skill Booster

Level 59: Shiny Booster

Level 60: Executioner Kleavor

Level 61: Turtle Sandbox Torkoal Plushie

Level 62: Item Crate Key

Level 63: Lovey Pichu Plushie

Level 64: Random TM

Level 65: (1) Park Ball

Level 66: Armarouge Disguise

Level 67: (1) Silver Bottlecap

Level 68: (25) Copper Hourglasses

Level 69: (20) Silver Hourglasses

Level 70: (1) Gold Hourglass

Level 72: Item Crate Key

Level 73: Lovey Politoed Plushie

Level 74: Fortune 3 Book

Level 75: Medieval Dragonite&(25)RelicCoin

Level 76: Minecraft Garganacl Plushie

Level 77: Random Pokeballs

Level 78: Candy Crate Key

Level 79: (1) Ability Patch

Level 80: (1) Gold Hourglass

Level 81: (4) XL EXP Candies

Level 82: Item Crate Key

Level 83: Random Skill Booster

Level 84: Silk Touch Book

Level 85: Patchwork Victini Plushie

Level 86: Shiny Booster

Level 87: Random TM

Level 88: Glastrier Disguise

Level 89: (5) XL EXP Candies

Level 90: (30) Copper Hourglasses

Level 91: (25) Silver Hourglasses

Level 92: Item Crate Key

Level 93: (10) Bottle O' Enchanting

Level 94: (1) Gold Bottlecap

Level 95: (1) Origin Ball

Level 96: Mending Book

Level 97: Ability Patch

Level 98: Efficiency 5, Unbreaking 3 Book

Level 99: Gladiator Palkia

Level 100: Light MX Key & (25) Relic Coins

Pokemon Textures:

Plushie Textures:

Plague Dr Honchkrow 

Skellington Gengar Plushie

Furby Wigglytuff Plushie 

Knight Aggron

Christmas Tree Abomasnow Plushie

Chinese Zodiac Boltund

Coat of Arms Aegislash

Mr. Potato Head Probopass Plushie

Chinese Zodiac Raticate Plushie

Executioner Kleavor

Sock Monkey Rillaboom Plushie

Turtle Sandbox Torkoal Plushie

Medieval Dragonite

Lovey Pichu Plushie

Lovey Politoed Plushie

Gladiator Palkia

Minecraft Garganacl Plushie

Patchwork Victini Plushie

Previous Season Rewards: