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To open your questbook and track quests, do one of the following:

Q: How do I stop tracking a quest?

A: Find the quest in your 'Active Quests,' and click the objective you are currently on. It will remove the quest tracking until you turn it on again.

Kanto Questline

Play through our faithful re-creation of the Fire Red & Leaf Green game story.

Choose your starter, defeat Team Rocket, and become the Champion! For the best experience, we highly recommend installing our resource pack to see custom assets throughout the quest.

Use /uq in game and go to /warp Kanto to start the quest. 

In the Name of Science

Obtain a 4IV Ditto from a mad scientist.

Use /uq in game and select "In the name of science" to start the quest.

Start by fishing for magikarp (not in Kanto). An old rod should do the trick- you can make one yourself with crafting.