Player Run Auto Spleef

This plugin allows any player to run spleef matches for themselves and others

We have:
The basic Spleef gamemode that we all know and love.

Splegg. Throw some snowballs and turn your friends into snowmen.

Bow Spleef. Be the Archer that you're always never meant to be.

Team Spleef. Where 2 to 4 Teams can compete against each other.

Leaderboards. So it can server as a reminder of how much you suck at Spleef. Also available at /warp Spleef

Camping? What's that? Camping is illegal, do it and experience the wrath of Zeus.

How to use

To join a Spleef Arena, type /spleef join <arena> - Please note that the Arena name is case-sensitive.

To view a list of Arenas, type /spleeflist.

To leave the arena, type /spleef leave.

Spleef Arenas

SmallArena (2-4 players)

MediumArena (2-8 Players)

MainArena (4-12 Players

Changing Spleef Modes

You can change the mode of the Arenas using /spleef setgamemode <arenaname> <gamemode> (Arena Names are Case-Sensitive)

The options being:

After this you have to run /spleef reload for the changes to take effect

Please make sure there's no game running in that arena before you make changes.