Minigames are perfect ways to get amazing prizes while also having fun! Look out for the pink "events" chat or keep an eye on discord for any pings so you don't miss a game! During peak times minigames may be hosted roughly every 2 hours allowing you plenty of opportunity to enter one!

So what can I earn from Minigames? Minigames can have a variety of different prizes, you can win relic coins, a monthly crate key, scratchcards or even a minigame prize shulker if you're super lucky!

New to 1.16 we will be doing Monthly Art Contests! 

Art contests are great ways at being able to unleash your creative imagination in order to win prizes, including the amazing Light MX keys (as well as a participation prize of an art key!) Art prizes can vary and could be anything from making a themed edit, or even drawing a picture of your favourite Pokemon! 

Discord and Large scale events, what are they and how to I join them?

As well as minigames , we also have larger events such as hunts or riddles that may be completed over a few days, Larger events means larger prizes but also means they will be harder, so sometimes working as a team is beneficial! (unless they steal your top 3 prize slot), Hunts are one of the only ways to earn the Hunt Shards, which when 7 are merged make a Hunt Orb, allowing you to use the Hunt Crate! so be sure to keep your shards safe and save them up for an amazing prize. Some large scale events may even have exclusive plushies or Pokemon textures as a prize, so be sure to keep an eye on the #events channel on discord!

Holiday Events!

Everyone loves the holidays, so what better way to spend it than on PokeMC? During most major holidays there will be limited events or competitions allowing you to earn Exclusive Textures or Prizes, there may also be a limited time plushie crate, which will remain purchasable for a week, so be fast so you don't miss out! During the holiday events you may even have to pick out of a few textures to keep, so make sure to think before you decide as you may not get a chance to earn some of the textures again! And after you have finished the events and claimed your prizes maybe check out the mall garden, as it will change based on what the holiday is!