Global Trade Station

The GTS is the Global Trade Station of the server. It is named after the GTS from the mainline pokemon games.


Open the GTS menu.

List a Pokemon or item up for sale at a fixed price, or buy stuff that other players have listed.

Sell Stuff to Players


Open the GTS menu. Click the "Sell Stuff" button to start a sale.

Pokemon: Can sell a Pokemon from your party or PC.

Items: Can sell the item or stack of items in your hand.

Set the price by clicking in the text box and typing the desired price.

Time is set in minutes only. Some handy conversions:

Sell Pokemon to Server


Send your Pokemon to the shadow realm for a quick buck.

Pokemon in the STS menu are listed by party first, then the order they are in your PC, so if you're looking to catch and STS, maybe leave your Box1 empty.

NOTE: The fields for min price, auction, bid range, etc. are functions of this plugin that we do not use. You can Ignore those.

Pokedollars gained is based on the below stats.

Example: I caught a level 35 Shuckle with the blue palette and 31 attack IV...

100(base) + 525(Level) + 500(palette) + 150(IVs) = 1275

Example: I hatched a hidden ability Shuckle from an egg with 6 perfect IVs...

[100(Base) + 250(HA) + 15(level) + 900(IVs)] * 2(Level 1) = 2530

Note: As of writing this, Optifine with shaders conflicts with GTS and replaces every pokemon sprite with a generic pokeball.