Don't be a 'Diglett'

Don't be a d*ck. Use your common sense and ensure your actions don’t disrupt another player’s gaming experience. 

Continual minor disruptions may result in action against your account.

Absolutely no advertising.

This includes Youtube and other servers. (excluding PokeMC, Pixelmon, Minecraft, or Pokemon related educational links)

Do not advertise on behalf of PokeMC on other servers.

Do not grief, raid, or steal from other players. 

This includes taking things that are unclaimed. Theft of unclaimed blocks/items is only investigated if the owner complains.

You can approach staff to help return anything that you were not supposed to take.

The server is PG-13 - Be respectful.

You may not use any threatening, abusive, sexist, hateful, racist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-gay or otherwise objectionable language toward any member of the server. This includes player skins, written signs, Pokemon Names, and any other written Medium. 

Occasional swearing is fine, provided it is not excessive or directed at another user.

Do not use any cheat, glitch, or exploit.

Including but not limited to: cheat clients or mods, scripts, dupes, AND vanilla exploits, such as chunk loading or battle screen glitches. 

Note: Using the Pixelmon move skill Ore Sense is allowed.

Feel free to ask for clarification.

Only English in Global Chats. 

Other Languages are fine in local chat, private team chats, and private messages.

You are responsible for your claim and what happens on it. 

Trust others wisely. Your items will not be refunded by staff if you leave an area unclaimed. 

Staff will assist you with claiming your area if needed, and can help mediate in the event of theft.

AFK Machines: Bypassing the AFK kicker is not allowed. 

This includes any player-mover in an infinite loop. Egg hatchers must be no longer than 3 minutes and manual player input is required to repeat the loop. 

Weighting a key down or using a macro to continuously use the loop while you are not present is not allowed. 

Legal egg hatchers can be found at [insert player warps here]

No infinitely triggering redstone machines or any Fishing Farm. 

All types of fishing farms are forbidden.

No constantly activated or infinitely triggering redstone clocks, hopper clocks, infinite minecart loops, etc. Machines that trigger infrequently by block updates (observers) or manual player input are acceptable.

Please be considerate and do not make unreasonably large (read: laggy) farms. 

Staff may contact you about redesigning a machine so that it may comply to our rules. Feel free to ask staff for clarification.

Do not snipe spawns from player claims.

Do not warp to a player’s claim (if they have a public warp like a shop) for the sole purpose of sniping a legendary or shiny spawn from under their nose in case it might be there. 

This does not apply to admin claimed areas such as the region maps.

Player killing, directly or with traps, is strictly forbidden. 

You will be banned for doing so. This rule is only enforced when a formal complaint is filed by the victim.

You may benefit from only one account. 

The use of multiple Accounts (alts) to gain any advantage, claim multiple rewards, evade bans, etc. is strictly prohibited.

See Disclaimers below for further information.

Examples of banned Mods & Machines

For the best experience, play on the server using our official modpack!

Banned Mods, Machines, and Client-Side Alterations

Allowed Mods and Machines:

Minor Rules & Etiquette

Nothing here will cause action against your account unless you are a repeat offender after multiple warnings.

Basically, don’t be a d*ck 'Diglett.' 

Use your common sense and ensure your actions don’t disrupt another player’s gaming experience. 

Feel free to ask for clarification.


🔹 We reserve the right to modify or add to the rules at our discretion without notice (and without placing them in this list) in order to handle any variation of offenses.

🔹 We reserve the right to refuse or cancel the service of any user at any time. By logging in to our server or Discord, you acknowledge that you have fully read and understood the rules and agree to follow them. Breaking these rules will result in a consequence determined appropriate by staff, which may be as simple as a warning or as severe as a permanent ban.

🔹 You are responsible for your account. If you let someone play on your account, you are held responsible for his/her actions. If they get your account banned, it was your responsibility to ensure they read and followed the rules. If someone 'hacks' your account you will still be held responsible. Please keep your account secure.

🔹 If an Alt is used in a situation where an advantage is gained the prizes or rewards can be taken away, voided and/or the player can be banned from similar events or from the server, depending on the severity.

🔹 Your land may be claimed by someone else if you have not logged in for 90+ days. We do not actively look for old claims to delete them. If an active player wants to claim land that is claimed by another player who has not logged in for 90 days or more, the land will be wiped, regenerated, and given to the active player. Significant structures that have been abandoned may be auctioned off instead of wiped.

🔹 Teleporting is at your own risk. You will not be refunded by admins if you are scammed, but reported scammers will face appropriate consequences. If you are wronged in some way by a player, please report it to Staff ASAP.

🔹 Griefing, raiding, and stealing is not allowed. However, there will be no refunds if you did not protect your home using our claim plugin. Simply clearing land and placing chests does not make the land yours. Unless claimed, until there is definitively a build or obvious proof that there is future intent for the land, it is free to claim. If another player that you trusted onto your claim Griefs/Raids/Steals items from your claim, please report it ASAP to a moderator.

🔹 Taking apricorns IS NOT stealing and is acceptable as they regrow quickly. Contact staff if you feel a player is abusing your farms in some way.

🔹 Picking up items from a player who died is NOT stealing. However, causing the player’s death is a bannable offense.

🔹 If your items are stolen from you, an attempt can be made by staff to retrieve them from the thief. Please note that the victim’s items will not be refunded by admins if this is not possible, but the offending player (thief) will always face appropriate consequences.

🔹 These rules are here to ensure everyone has a pleasant experience on the server. If you are not technically breaking a rule, but are intentionally trolling or making a disturbance after multiple warnings by staff, you may still be issued a ban.