Pokedollars are the main fluid currency of PokeMC for trading with players or buying things from the server.

Earning Pokedollars


View the balance of all your currencies.


Use this command in game for a quick list of money making tips.

Selling Pokemon


Send your Pokemon to the shadow realm for a quick buck.

Pokemon in the STS menu are listed by party first, then the order they are in your PC, so if you're looking to catch and STS, maybe leave your Box1 empty.

NOTE: The fields for min price, auction, bid range, etc. are functions of this plugin that we do not use. You can Ignore those.

Pokedollars gained is based on the below stats.

Example: I caught a level 35 Shuckle with the blue palette and 31 attack IV...

100(base) + 525(Level) + 500(palette) + 150(IVs) = 1275

Example: I hatched a hidden ability Shuckle from an egg with 6 perfect IVs...

[100(Base) + 250(HA) + 15(level) + 900(IVs)] * 2(Level 1) = 2530

The Mall

/warp Mall

Your one-stop hub for information and commerce on the server!

As well as shopping, you can view displays for our rotating monthly and seasonal content.

Pokedollar Shop

Common Pixelmon items like Stones, Held Items, TMs, Pokeballs, Vitamins. 

You can also view all of these shops in /shop

Mints, evolution stones, prefixes, vaults, and more! Spend your hard earned Relic Coins here.

You can also view all of these shops in /shop

Toy Store

You can buy keys for EXP candies and plushies.

Smite a Staff

Pay Pokedollars to hit a staff member with lightning - we all know they had it coming.

Lord's Lab

Pay Pokedollars to reroll your Pokemon's Pokeball or Size. 

Pay Relic Coins to change the Pokeball of your party slot 1 to a ball of choice.

Player Shops

Player Shops trade in Pokedollars.

/shops [player]

Opens the full stock from all Player Shops. You can optionally include a player's name to view their shop directly.

See Player Shops to learn how to set up your own shop.

Personally visit all up-to-date player shops with /warps and select the PlayerShops category.

Items available for sale depend on what other players are selling.

Your results may vary. Some player might be an odd one and just make a big shop to only sell carrots.