Relic Coins

Relic Coins are a rarer currency obtained from doing various server activities. They cannot be traded between players.

Where to Earn:

Where to Spend:


Earn 1 coin, 2000 Pokedollars, and a Vote Ticket for every vote

You can vote 5 times each day!


You earn coins passively as you level up your skills. Check the chart on the skills page for detailed info.

/seasonJourney | /sj

Earn 25 coins at levels 25, 50, 75 and 100 of the Journey.


1 to 3 per win when you complete a Hunt. Depends on the tier of hunt.

Chat Typing Games

Every 15 minutes a typing game pops up in chat. Earn 2 coins per win.

Staff Hosted Minigames & Events

Staff may sometimes give out Relic Coin pouches as prizes. Small pouches contain 1-5 coins.

Larger events tend to give out large amounts of Relic Coins to the top winners.

The Cash Crate has a chance at various amounts of coins. Get cash keys from events.

Scratchcards have a chance at 1-3 coins. You can buy them in the Relic Coin shop or get them as aprticipation prizes from events.

Daily Quests


Do your daily quests to earn 3 to 5 coins per quest.


Opens up the shop menu for all currencies. Select Relic Coins.

You can also access the Relic Coin shop from Rotomphone:

Each individual shop also has a physical location at /warp Mall