Player Shops

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Create a New Shop

Tip: The text above a shop chest is very wide. Space your shop chests 1 block or further away from each other.

DON'T USE a double chest! You could delete your items!

The size of the stack you are holding will set the default amount of items sold per transaction.

Your shop is now created and can be stocked.

Delete a Shop


DO NOT try to create a second shop on a chest that already has a shop on it! 

This may delete your items. If you accidentally start the process, alt + F4 and hope for the best.

And DON'T USE a double chest! 

Additional Shop Settings

Click the 'Settings' Button (Command Block) to browse the shop settings.

Chest-Minecart & Hopper-Minecart: Change the Buy and Sell Values of your shop. 

You must manually enable the ability of the shop to buy from players. When disabled, they show a gray glass pane.

Prismarine Crystals: Re-stock the shop or take excess stock from it.

Bookshelf: View who bought from or sold to your shop.

Red Glass Pane: Remove the shop. You have to clear the stock entirely to use this.

Barrier: Customer Blacklist. You can prevent certain players from using your shop.

Emerald Block: Toggles whether your shop is visible on the /shops list.

Shop List:

/shops [player]

Opens a GUI where you can browse all available player shops and purchase from them.

Player name is optional, and will show only that player's shop.

Shop Owners can also restock their shops using this.

There are also advertisements and warps to official shops at the mall on the 2nd floor. Apply for the Shopkeeper role to get a warp and mall display.

・゚:* ✧ 💰 Shopkeeper Profession 💰 ✧・゚:*

To apply to be an official shop go here

💰🔸 Perks

💰🔺 Requirements

💰🔺 If you would like a Mall display, see below: