Breeding Process

To start breeding Pokemon you need the following:

Hatching Eggs

Eggs can hatch while they are in the player's party. Every Pokemon is different and takes a different amount of eggs to hatch.

If you have a Pokemon with the ability Flame Body or Magma Armor, the hatch time is cut in half. Talonflame and Magcargo are good picks for this.

Egg Hatcher machines are allowed, but they must loop for no longer than 3 minutes and must require manual player input to continue the loop.

Violation of these rules is bypassing the AFK kicker, which is not allowed.

Some players create public warps for egg hatchers they have made, which you can find in the warps list.

Requested Items

Pokemon will always request the following:

So, if you are breeding a Bulbasaur and Charmander together, you will need:

Crafting Type Gems

Type Gems are crafted in a Pixelmon Infuser using:

Note: This is a change we have made to the vanilla recipe.
You can normally only use crystal blocks, but we added recipes for all gemstone blocks.

Berries needed:

Type Gems are crafted using the type-resistance berries

For example, a Chople Berry which reduces the damage of a super-effective fighting move, crafts a Fighting Gem.

You can buy a shulker with 1 of each berry for 10,000 Pokedollars in /shop

Infuser Recipe



Hourglasses provide a number of time skips to breeding.

Pick up and place the hourglass on a breed slot to use its effects.

You can get hourglasses from the Vote Arcade every day by turning in Vote Keys.

They also drop from Pixelmon bosses, and are a reward from the Item Crate.

Breeding Slots

By default you get access to 5 breeding slots.

This means you can breed up to 5 pairs of Pokemon at one time.

You can unlock up to 10 breeding slots through the Breeding Skill.

Click the yellow arrows to scroll through your breed slots.

Double check that you have the correct slot selected when you click the green checkmark to consume resources!

Breeding Upgrades

Oval Charm

The Oval Charm doubles the rate of egg production for all breeding pairs of Pokemon in your Day Care. If this is the only upgrade you have, then your eggs will produce in 45 minutes.

This effect is multiplicative with the Experienced Breeding skill buff.

You can unlock the Oval Charm by completing any generation of the Pokedex. 

For example, catching all of the Pokemon from generation 1, Pokemon 001-151.


Use this when you have met the condition to receive the Oval Charm and it will be given to you. Fails if you have not met the condition.

Breeding Skill

Use /skills to view details on all your skills.

You get experience in the Breeding skill by hatching eggs. 

At the following levels, you get upgrades to your ability to breed:


Two breeding related commands can be bought using relic coins. Each command costs 100 relic coins and is a one time purchase.


Use this to open the daycare interface without needing the daycare block.

/eggsteps <slotnumber>

Use this to check how many steps remain for the egg in the selected slot.

Texture Breeding

We have a plugin that adds a chance for custom palettes to pass down through breeding. A Shiny palette cannot be passed down.

If the chance fails, the offspring will be normal without a palette. 

Pixelmon's built-in textures (Strike, Alter, etc.) are also breedable!

Chance to pass down the parent's texture to its offspring:

Additional Rules:

Blacklisted Palettes

These palettes cannot be passed down through breeding.

Remember that a Ditto can never pass down its own palette.




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