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What is a player team?

A player team is a sub-community player-run feature, often made with the original Pokémon teams as their logo and name, however, it is also an option to create your very own team from scratch, as long as it stays within the server and team guidelines. In a team, you’ll get access to team chats, ally chats, bank functions and much more. The different teams will likely have their very own Discord and an application form you can ask for so you can apply.

Why Join a Team?

Play with your friends -- Make new friends -- C O M M U N I T Y

Reasons to join teams can be many and varied.  Some seek a more closed-knitted community, others just want to start or be in a team with their friends. There are a bunch of different teams on PokéMC and they all offer a mixed variety of events, functions and communities. It is very common for a team to make a base, and help each other out with team or individual projects or just go hunting for Pokémon together. The possibilities are almost limitless, as long as you stay within the rules of the server and of the team you would join.

How do I join a team?

Some teams actively advertise for new members. Ask the person advertising.

Ask in chat about the teams. Many team members like their team and are welcoming to new people

Just get your friend to make the team.

Once you are given an invite use /team accept <name>

How do I make a team?

/team create <name>

Create a new team!

/team invite <player>

Invite a player to your team.

Advertise and make a post in the PokeMC player-teams Discord forum if you are looking for more members.

Team Rules

Safe for work language for team names - Keep it PG

Staff won't intervene in interpersonal Team conflicts unless server rules are being broken.

Staff won't regulate who can be on your team. You can set requirements for your team as you see fit as long as it follows the server rules.

Team Buffs & Upgrades

You can purchase buffs and upgrades using the money in your team bank.

More info coming soon.

Team Chat 

/tc <message> 

Speak in your team's group chat, visible only to your team.

Use /tc by itself to toggle locking yourself in teams chat.

/ta <message> 

Speak in your team's ally group chat, visible only to your team and its allies.

Use /ta by itself to toggle locking yourself in ally chat.

Team Home

Set a home base that your entire team can teleport to.

/team sethome

Set your team home to your current location.

/team delhome

Delete your team home.

/team home

Teleport to your team home.

Team ​Management 

/team create <name> [prefix]

Create a new team.

/team delete 

Deletes your current team.

/team kick <player>

Kicks a player from your team.

/team prefix <prefix> 

Set a new prefix for your team.

/team rename <name> 

Set a new name for your team.

/team status 

Toggles the status of your team.

/team transfer <player> 

Transfer your team to another person.

/team upgrade 

Upgrade your team's tier.

Team Members

/team accept <name> 

Accept a team invite from a team.

/team check 

Checks to see if a user has any pending team invites.

/team decline <name> 

Declines a pending team invite from a team.

/team demote <player> 

Demote a player in your team.

/team invite <player> 

Invite a player to your team.

/team language <language> 

Set the plugin language to your choosing!

/team leave 

Leave your current team.

/team promote <player> 

Promote a player in your team.

Create an Invite ​Code

This feature allows you to create an invite code with the option of one-time-usage or multiple-uses and you can give it to anyone, then they can use that code to join the team at any time.

/team code create [uses]

Create an invite code for your team that can be used by anyone.

/team code delete <code>

Remove an invite code from your team.

/team code info <code>

Retrieve specific information about a team code.

/team code list

List all your current team codes.

/team code redeem <code>

Redeem an invite code.

Ally Commands

The ally commands are a set of commands that let team members control different actions such as listing their current allies or adding and removing them!

/team ally accept <team>

Accept an ally invite from another team if there is one currently pending.

/team ally add <team>

Send an ally request to another team.

/team ally decline <team>

Decline and incoming ally invite from another team.

/team ally list

List all the allies of your team.

/team ally remove <team>

Remove any of your current allies.

​Bank Commands

Each team has a centralized bank that all players in a team can work together to grow.

/team bank balance

Check the current balance of your team bank.

/team bank deposit <amount>

Put money from your balance into your team bank.

/team bank withdraw <amount>

Take money from your team bank and put it back into your personal balance.

​GUI Commands

/team buff 

Opens the team buff GUI.

/team list 

Opens the team list GUI.

/team members 

Opens the member list GUI.

/team vault 

Opens a team vault GUI.

/team info 

Opens up the team info GUI.

MOTD Commands

/team motd 

View your team's MOTD (message of the day).

/team motd set <motd> 

Set the MOTD of your team.

/team motd remove 

Remove the MOTD of your team.

Action Cancel/Confirm

Action commands control the user's choice to proceed with some of the commands in the plugin. Commands that cause bigger changes ask for a confirmation.

/team cancel

If a user has an active action, it will cancel it and not proceed further with what they were trying to do.

/team confirm

If a user has an active action, it will confirm the action and continue with what they were attempting to do.