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Marriage Master Plugin

The Marriage plugin allows you to marry up to 2 people.

The main non-cosmetic bonus is an extra shared home

Marriage additionally allows to you kiss and hug, and express your unfettering love on the marriage list (until it inevitably ends in a messy divorce)

It's super effective
Ginormous Wailord X Microscopic Skitty

Marriage Commands

/marry marry <player> - Sends a marry request to another player. 

/marry list  - Lists all married players.

/marry listpriests  - Lists all currently online priests.

/marry partners  - List all partners of a player

/marry divorce  - To leave your partner.

/marry tp  - Teleports you to your partner.

/marry home  - Teleports you to your home.

/marry sethome  - Sets your home.

/marry delhome  - Deletes your home.

/marry kiss  - You kiss your partner.

/marry hug  - You hug your partner.

/marry seen  - Shows when your partner was online the last time.

/marry setcolor  - Sets the color of the marriage.

/marry help  - Shows all available commands and their description.