Craftbook is a server side mod that lets the player simplify complex redstone by using a simple sign with text.

The main wiki for the mod is
Not everything from Craftbook is included in the server, that would be an overpowered mess for a survival server... but you can do MANY things.

Basic Example

Using a Repeater from Integrated Circuits to extend some redstone to activate a netherrack block to light it abalze

Create an item sorter!

Easy to use - minimal redstone required! Use the Pipes plugin from craftbook to quickly move items between chests and do some basic sorting. For more advanced sorting, use pipes in combination with [MC1229] "sorter" from Integrated Circuits.

I dunno, turn on your oven, but only if you have some ham in your pockets?

Use the Player Inventory Sensor to detect if a nearby player has raw pork in their inventory slot1, then use that to trigger redstone to activate fire on some netherrack

Integrated Circuits - Use signs to compact/replace redstone and do much more powerful tasks than simple redstone ever could.

Light Switch  - Light switches (signs) toggle nearby torches between regular torches and redstone torches,

Pipes - Allows you to quickly transfer and filter items from one place to another using tuuuube (glass) blocks.

Ammeter - Right click redstone with coal to see current power level.

JackoLantern - Allows JackOLantern light to be toggled by redstone.

Netherrack - Allows netherrack fire to be toggled by redstone.

List of Integrated Circuits currently enabled on the server

Enabled Integrated Circuits

Want use pixelmon or BYG items with craftbook?

We have a spreadsheet for all the PokeMC Craftbook Custom Item ID Variables

Instead of typing dirt on the sign you can use %m0288%

PokeMC Craftbook Variables Reference

Want more information like a FAQ or tutorials? Check out this WIP google doc.